Summer Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe and Cool

How to keep dogs cool in the heat.jpg

With summer temperatures rising, it is important to keep our furry babies cool and safe.  Pet dogs don’t have the ability to sweat and are much more sensitive to the heat than we are.  Morning and evening walks are preferable when temperatures exceed 90F.  As professional dog walkers, we know that all dogs don’t have the luxury of being walked in the mornings and evenings.  To make sure your furry friends are comfortable during their mid-day walks, keep them in the shade and have them walk on grass.  You want to avoid asphalt or concrete surfaces as much as possible.  Of course, that may be difficult as grass and shaded areas may not be available throughout the entire walk.  In that case, walk quickly over the concrete or asphalt surface and their little paws will be okay.  When a dog walks its paws contact the ground for a very short period of time (much less than a human’s foot while walking).  A good practice if walking on asphalt and concrete during high temperatures is to check their paws regularly.  

Below are few additional tips on how to help our furry friends endure high temperatures:

  • Never leave a pet in a parked car or a plastic kennel, especially in direct sunlight
  • When leaving your house, do not turn off the A/C, it is not necessary to break the bank to keep your furry friend cool, 75F will ensure they are comfortable
  • Close blinds and curtains in any area where there’s a direct sunlight coming in
  • To help dogs cool off, place a couple of inches of water in a kid’s paddling pool in a shady location, they will love it!
  • During long trips in the car, always carry at least a gallon of cool water for your pet
  • People love ice cream and other frozen treats during summer, you can treat your pet by freezing some of their usual snacks and feeding it to them during those dog days of summer. Check out these 10 delicious treats you can give to your pet posted on TheKitchn

Hope these tips will help you and your furry friend keep cool and safe during our hot Virginia summers.

Have a happy paws day :-)