Spring is in the air

Finally!  The winter storm a few weeks back put spring on hold for a few days, but not for long. Trees are blooming and flowers are coming out, but so are mosquitos, ticks and snakes…yes, snakes!  There are a lot of medications on the market to protect your pet from heartworm (transmitted by mosquitos) and ticks.  Start with meds early, like right now, and ask your vet which one is best for your pet. So, what about snakes?

Unfortunately, to dogs they are just another animal.  Our fur babies are not aware of the danger, so it’s up to us pet parents, to ensure they are safe.  Two most common snake species you may encounter in this area are black rat snakes (non-poisonous) and copperheads (poisonous).  If you’re out hiking or walking a dog:

  • Stay on open paths and avoid areas where you may encounter a snake such as tall grass, brush, wood and rock piles, stumps or root systems
  • Do not allow your dog to explore holes or dig under logs
  • If you come across a snake, back up and find a way around it; don’t let your dog disturb it
  • Control your dog with a leash at all times                          
  •  Make sure you have your vet’s number handy, just in case

The reason we are sharing these tips about snakes is because we just encountered one during one of our walks. But no worries, it’s far more likely that you will have great time catching frisbees and tennis balls with your dog than it is that you’ll encounter a snake.  Flowers are blooming, stop and smell them with your furry friend.

Oh, and when you decide to spend some time in the back yard with your dog, create an obstacle course for him/her using lawn chairs, boxes and sheets.  We promise, you will have a blast.

Have a happy paws day J