Fido and Fireworks

What is one of the best things about celebrating Independence Day?  Fireworks!  We LOVE when skies light up at night and are full of so many beautiful colors.  Who wouldn’t love it?  Well, our furry friends are not so excited about it.

The unexpected noise and brightness of fireworks are just too much for most dogs.  Their hearing makes them more sensitive than us to the loud sounds.  Dogs can get adjusted to the noise but it takes time.  If you’re unsure whether your dog can handle the noise from fireworks or you know they are sensitive to loud noises, we recommend just leaving them inside at home if you plan to go to a fireworks display.

So, what can you do to keep this July 4th stress free for your furry friend?

1.     Ensure they go for a long walk with Happy Paws Pet Nanny or play games earlier in the day if possible so you can tucker them out.  Hopefully, they’ll just sleep through it.

2.     Keep them inside the house and if you need to leave them alone, turn on a TV or radio (not too loud) to mask any outdoor noise.  Keep windows closed.

3.     Give your pet a treat or a toy during the fireworks to keep them distracted and to possibly create a positive association.

4.     If you need to take them with you and they are outside during the fireworks, keep them on a tight leash.  Dogs will do anything to try to run away and hide, therefore, worst case scenario, ensure they have their ID tag.


Have a happy and safe July 4th 😊