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We understand that you can't always be home at lunch, and long days at the office can keep you away from your little four legged friend.  We can offer that midday relief for your pet with a long walk, refreshment refill, and a playful interlude until your return.

  • Your dog walker will come right to your home and walk your dog for you

  • A dog walker will be able to provide your dog with one on one, undivided attention

  • Your dog will get a much needed potty break in the middle of the day while you’re working hard to pay for her bones and chew toys

  • A structured walk each day not only exercises your dog’s body, but it also exercises his mind by giving him a task to focus on

  • A walk every day will reduce behavioral problems related to boredom and built up energy

  • A professional dog walker is not only there to help you exercise your dog but they can be a valued part of your team to properly care for your dog, just like the veterinarian or the groomer.

  • If your dog is older or cannot go on walks for some reason, a dog walker can still provide them with a potty break and some companionship during the day

  • No need to rush home to walk your dog

  • Come rain or shine a dog walker is always there

  • No more guilty feeling leaving your dogs caged or indoors all day

Our lives can be very demanding but no matter what, our dogs are always there waiting for us at the end of the day with a wagging tail and unconditional love. You can give the same love back to them by making sure all of their needs are met and getting a dog walker is a great way to do that!

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The Happy Paws Pet Nanny was born out of the desire to offer an alternative to every pet owner who has been faced with the reality of placing their pets with strangers at a kennel they know little about.  There are simply times when the family pet cannot travel with the family.  That's where we can help, by giving you the peace of mind that comes from having your pet cared for in the loving environment of your own home!

Services Include: Fresh water, relieving Time/Litterbox Cleanup, TLC, Quality Playtime

Added Services

  • Daily E-mail Updates

  • Mail and Newspaper Pickup

  • Plant Watering

  • Lights on/off

  • Blinds open/closed

  • Drapes open/closed



Congratulations on your new furry bundle of joy! Of course, while you are at work or on vacation, your puppy will need to maintain a regular feeding and potty schedule, as well consistency in training and socialization. Our Happy Paws sitters will be happy to provide lots of TLC and also support your puppy’s training. Our Happy Paws experts can even help you come up with a game plan to get your puppy on track! For your young puppy’s needs, we recommend our discounted 2 Visits Daily Rate.


The Happy Paws Pet Nanny is proud to announce that we have expanded our business beyond pet sitting and walking to include dog grooming and also running errands for our customers at an additional cost.

Examples include:

  • Dry cleaning pick-up

  • Quick grocery run

  • Taking your animal to the vet

  • In-Home Dog Grooming (ask about our rates)


Need a ride to the groomer, vet or day care? We would be happy to help.


Our pet sitters can administer medication supplied by the owner.


We also care for unique pets to include birds, fish, hamsters, gerbils and bunnies.

*Note: snakes are an additional $1000 (thousand dollar) fee, just kidding, no snakes.

The possibilities are endless.  As The Happy Paws Pet Nanny customer we not only strive to keep your pets happy, but we like to keep their parents happy as well. We are here to make your life easier.

Have another need not mentioned? No problem! We will gladly discuss any other needs you have during your consultation as well as prices for errand services.